Chapter 2-7 Monster Core System Banner

Monster Core System

The new Chapter 2-7 Update gives the player a new way to collect monsters: Monster Cores.

These Monster Cores can be aquired through multiple ways! Giving the player and extra way to collect new monsters by doing things they do everyday, such as logging in and doing daily missions!

Maelstorm Epic Boss

A new Epic Boss has been added! This one gives Monster Cores instead of monsters! It will alternate between the usual Bahamut and the new boss!

Other Changes

  • A new Monster Core Page has been added in the Monster menu.
  • Monster Collections have been moved to the My Info page.
  • Potions have been removed from the Monthly Calendar and replaced with Monster Cores.
  • Monster Cores added for completing all daily missions.
  • Monster probability has been added when combining! 
  • When you combine 2 new monsters you will always acquire a new monster (ex: Combining 2 chapter 2-7 monsters will give a chapter 2-7 monster of the higher tier or if you fail of the same tier).

Source: The Official Chapter 2-7 Forum Thread

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