Immortal Monsters

The Immortal Monster Tier is out! They can be acquired by combining successfully!

Level Increase

New level increases, as well as new quests are as follows:

  • Levels have now been increased to 420.
  • 2 New Area Quests to explore.
  • 2 New Quest Bosses (Eternal and Divine)
  • Among the quest boss rewards in the quests above level 100, the gold reward has been replaced with monster cores.
  • 2 New Special Dungeons
  • There will be a new level 400 dungeon and a level 420 dungeon

New World Boss for High Levels

Playes that are level 381 - 420 now have their own World Boss!

New Eggs

Two New Eggs: The Void Monster Egg and a new HonorPoint3900 Divine+ Egg!

Tower Of Masters Update

New Immortal floor will be added to the Tower of Masters.

Turf War Chests

SS Tier Reward Chest added.

New Warlord Class

This is a new item available in the shop and is a combination of Fighter, Ranger, and Tycoon.

It has the effect of all three jobs including:

  • Stamina Recovery x 2
  • Energy Recovery x 2
  • Combine Gold/ Building Purchase Gold/ Awakening Gold 50% Discount

This item is available in 3-Day/7-Day packages. With the purchase of this package, you will also receive Jewel60 and HonorPoint200.

Tycoon Class Upgrade

The Tycoon Job has been improved and now has a greater effect on gold use! View Classes.

New Bosses

4 New General Bosses are available.

The new boss levels are 390, 400, 410, and 420.

Gold rewards have been significantly increased.

Collections Upgrade

27 new Collections have been added.

Gold Charge Upgrade

Gold items from the shop will now yield a greater amount of gold. See Gold Charge.

SOURCE: The Official Chapter 2-8 Forum Thread

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