What is the Arena

Arena is a PvP gamemode that involves 6 vs. 6 monster battles.


The Arena also lasts 48 hours (or 2 days). It is where you can put your monsters in battle against other warlords in a friendly setting. After 48 hours have passed, a new arena starts.

You can use 1-6 monsters but you can not use the same monster twice. Unlike other modes such as Team Battle, you can select monsters from the same element into your arena party. Before you can actually participate in the arena you must make your team and register it. It can be changed at any time; but remember to register it again so your changes will take effect!

The Arena is a decent source of getting Honor Points for free, as players are guaranteed at least some when they participate in the Arena, as Honor and Currency Roulettes only appear whenever a Crazy Roulette event is taking place. Upon participating in the arena, 20 M Coins are also put in the player's giftbox.

Arena Points function the same way as the Battle Points. For players with VIP 6 or lower, they only have 5 AP. Once VIP 7 and above is obtained, an additional AP is added to the amount you have (which in turn, allows the charges to be more useful). This caps at VIP 11 for 10 AP in total. One AP is restored every 30 minutes. If players run out of arena point recharges or does not have any at all, they can recharge them for Jewel10.

Arena Battle

An example of an arena battle.


When the battle starts, the first monster on both teams becomes the primary tanker and first attacker. Monsters attack one at a time for both sides; your first monster will attack first, and then the opponent's monster will attack next. When the primary tanker is defeated, the next monster in line will become the new tanker. Both sides will continually attack until one side runs out of monsters. The first player's party to be defeated becomes the loser of that match, while the other party will become the winner. However, draws are possible. Like in Team Battle, you get more points for winning, and less points for losing. A draw gives equal points to both players.

Healing skills take effect first over damaging skills. A monster that has a damaging skill will replace the primary attack for that round, while a healing skill will take damage first, then attack the opponent.

Each monster’s skill will activate at a set rate during its turn. The AT skill will be aimed at the opponent’s tanker while the healing skill will be directed at your ally tanker. The healing skill will be activated before the AT skill.

Monster Abilities

You can have a lot of abilities in the arena, up to 9 at a time (up to 6 randoms and 3 passives). Monsters of S God and higher grade will have a personal ability which does more damage or heals more depending on their affiliation; however their chances of activating varies, but it can make a difference in an arena battle.

The passive abilities are simply those obtained from stacking monsters of the same affiliation in one battle. With two monsters of the same type, you will gain a level 1 bonus to those monsters. A third monster makes the bonus to level 2, while six monsters will make it level 3. They are always active even if the some of those monsters are defeated in battle. They can also make a big difference since those monster's stats will be increased from their current stats.

Element Skill Skill Effect
Fire Passive Skill
AT increases, Health increases
Water Passive Skill
AT increases, Health increases
Air Passive Skill
AT increases greatly, Health increases
Earth Passive Skill
AT increases slightly, Health increases greatly
Dark Passive Skill
AT increases immensely
Holy Passive Skill
Health increases immensely

Abilities that are based on a chance have the same effect across the element, but they have different names.

Element Skill Skill Effect
Fire Skill
Over a set probability, strike the enemy with a powerful attack.
Water Skill
With a high probability, recover a small amount of the ally tanker's health and attack the enemy tanker.
Air Skill
With a low probability, strike the enemy tanker with a powerful attack.
Earth Skill
Over a set probability, recover the ally tanker's health and attack the enemy tanker.
Dark Skill
With a high probability, strike the enemy tanker with an extremely powerful attack.
Holy Skill
With a low probability, recover a large amount of the ally tanker's health and attack the enemy tanker.

What Ranks are in the Arena

Ranks are basically equal to rewards you got from the last Arena. You will get a buff for getting certain ranks. That buff increases your overal attack everywhere as long as you have that rank. After the arena battle is done, you can get your rewards from the Arena battle menu. The effects only last for 2 days. You can claim your rewards by clicking on the "Previous Arena" option.

Title Rank required Rank Effect
Immortal 1 ATT goes up 25%
Grand Master 2-5 ATT goes up 20%
Master 6-10 ATT goes up 15%
Elder 11-50 ATT goes up 10%
Bishop 51-100 ATT goes up 8%
Necromancer 101-200 ATT goes up 6%
Mage Top 10% ATT goes up 5%
Summoner Top 20% ATT goes up 4%
Rhapsodist Top 30% ATT goes up 3%
Druid Top 40% ATT goes up 2%
Trainer Top 50% ATT goes up 1%
Adventurer Top 100% None

Rewards are also given out based upon these ranks:

Rank Rewards
1 Jewel10  HonorPoint1000 
2 - 5 Jewel10  HonorPoint600 
6 - 10 Jewel10  HonorPoint500 
11 - 50 Jewel10  HonorPoint400 
51 - 100 Jewel10  HonorPoint300 
101 - 200 Jewel10  HonorPoint200 
TOP 10% Jewel4  HonorPoint100 
TOP 20% Jewel3  HonorPoint80 
TOP 30% Jewel3  HonorPoint60 
TOP 40% Jewel3  HonorPoint40 
TOP 50% Jewel2  HonorPoint20 
TOP 100% Jewel1  HonorPoint10 

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