Dark Monsters Bast
AT 4,699,745,340
DF 1,885,700,291
Upkeep: 0G
Price: Can't purchase
Leader Effect:
AT increase: 11%

Additional info
How to get this monster: Combine two Eternal Monsters, summon via Monster Cores or buy in the Shop.
Monster's skill: Devouring Will
Skill effect in Arena: With a low probability, strike the enemy tanker with an extremely powerful attack.
Skill effect in Turf War: Attacks all enemies with a dark attack based on your own ATT.
Passive skill: Destruction: AT increases immensely.
Skill description: Only the Bow-Wowians stand in the way of Queen Cats' appetite for every last fish in the world. She recruited nuclear physicist Dr M. Mouse to build her weapons of mass destruction. Hope she likes her fish radioactive.

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