Common Monsters are monsters that are used for accomplishing quests. Common monsters are bought with gold, not jewels. Higher leveled monsters will also have an upkeep which drains at the player's income in order to maintain them. To get upkeep, players must create buildings that generate income. See here for more information.

In addition, common monsters can only be bought at specific levels relevant to the quest area they are used for.

Fire Common Monsters

Common Monsters
NAME Picar Fire Rabbit Fire Spirit Baby R-Dragon Burning Skull Fire Lizard
PICTURE Picar FireRabbit FireSpirit BabyR-Dragon BurningSkull FireLizard
NAME Nightmare Overseer Ignis Volcan Demon Fire Inferno King
PICTURE Nightmare Overseer Ignis Volcan DemonFire InfernoKing
NAME Sprite S-Sprite Fire Snake Ant Soldier
PICTURE Sprite S-Sprite Fire Snake Ant Soldier

Common Monsters
NAME Octopa Penky Perv Octopus Murloc Baby B-Dragon Ice Spirit
PICTURE Octopa Penky PervOctopus Murloc BabyB-Dragon IceSpirit
NAME King Whale Giant Conch Ice Giant Water Dragon Water Witch Triton
PICTURE KingWhale GiantConch IceGiant WaterDragon WaterWitch Triton
NAME Siren S-Siren Megaton Yeti
PICTURE Siren S-Siren Megaton Yeti

Common Monsters
NAME Winsey Bubblebird Monster Bat Perv Bird Happi Wind Spirit
PICTURE Winsey Bubblebird MonsterBat PervBird Happi WindSpirit
NAME Tornado (Common) Flying Dragon Genie Medusa Harpy Warrior Demon Bird
PICTURE Tornado FlyingDragon Genie Medusa HarpyWarrior DemonBird
NAME Valkyrie S-Valkyrie Mantis Thug Bear
PICTURE Valkyrie S-Valkyrie Mantis Thug Bear

Common Monsters
NAME Fungus Slime Megabucks Tritops Werewolf Rock Spirit
PICTURE Fungus Slime Megabucks Tritops Werewolf RockSpirit
NAME Great Worm Minota Tyranno Mammoth Ogre King Battle Golem
PICTURE GreatWorm Minota Tyranno Mammoth OgreKing BattleGolem
NAME Druid Droid Wooden Spider Oread
PICTURE Druid Droid Wooden Spider Oread

Common Monsters
NAME Eggmong Ghost Mini Satan Zombie Mummy Dark Archon
PICTURE Eggmong Ghost MiniSatan Zombie Mummy DarkArchon
NAME Rich King Succubus Grim Reaper Devil Eye Dark Templar Dark Angel
PICTURE RichKing Succubus GrimReaper DevilEye DarkTemplar DarkAngel
NAME Banshee S-Banshee Distro Scolopendra
PICTURE Banshee S-Banshee Distro Scolopendra

Common Monsters
NAME Piyake Dinky Curimong Fairy Ent White Magician
PICTURE Piyake Dinky Curimong Fairy Ent WhiteMagician
NAME Pegasus (Common) Kentaurus Angel Titan Titan Soldier Angel Knight
PICTURE PegasusCommon Kentaurus Angel Titan TitanSoldier AngelKnight
NAME Char Ajna Bulls Cockatrice
PICTURE Char Ajna Bulls Cockatrice

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