Here you can see rewards, awarded after defeating the Epic Boss. Destructive Dragon Army rewards change cores every month. Current core rewards: Earth Cores.

Defeating the Dragon Guards rewards the player with the following:

Primary Rewards

The primary reward tab is based on a normal Epic Boss fight. During Epic Boss related events, the Malestrom Epic Boss gives 50% more monster cores and monster rewards are increased by a tier. The Bahamut Epic Boss jumps up every monster tier by 1 (following the 2-4 monster reward format) excluding the top 100%.

Damage/Attacks Rank Rewards

Rank Reward
Rank 1 Eternal+ x 4
Rank 2-5 Eternal+ x 2
Rank 6-10 Mystic+ x 4
Rank 11-50 Mystic+ x 2
Rank 51-100 Infinite+ x 4
Rank 101-200 Infinite+ x 2
Top 10% Outer+ x 4
Top 20% Outer+ x 2
Top 50% Elder+ x 4
Top 100% God+ x 4

Damage/Attacks Rank Rewards

Rank Reward
Rank 1

Eternal+ x 2

Yggdrasil Core x 1250

Rank 2-5

Mystic+ x 4

Yggdrasil Core x 625

Rank 6-10

Mystic+ x 2

Yggdrasil Core x 313

Rank 11-50

Infinite+ x 4

Mega Rush Core x 600

Rank 51-100

Infinite+ x 2

Mega Rush Core x 300

Rank 101-200

Outer+ x 4

Mega Rush Core x 150

Top 10%

Outer+ x 2

Onyx Core x 500

Top 20%

Elder+ x 4

Onyx Core x 250

Top 50%

Supreme+ x 4

Onyx Core x 125

Top 100%

Ultimate+ x 4

Onyx Core x 45

Guild Ranking Rewards

The Guild Ranking is based on how much damage the guild has dealt to the Epic Boss while it was on the field. The more damage each member does, the more they contribute to the guild's total damage and can increase their ranking. To see your guild ranking against the Epic Boss fight, go to the "Damage" tab and then search the "Guild Ranking" to check it.

Rank Reward
Rank 1 ATT 25% up
Rank 2-5 ATT 20% up
Rank 6-10 ATT 15% up
Rank 11-50 ATT 10% up
Rank 51-100 ATT 8% up
Rank 101-150 ATT 6% up
Rank 151-200 ATT 4% up
Rank 201-250 ATT 3% up
Rank 251-300 ATT 2% up
Rank 301-400 ATT 1% up

MVP Rewards

MVP Rewards are given out to those who have met specific requirements such as killing the miniboss/main boss, starting the warcry and others. During the Epic Boss fight, the "MVP" tab will show the player(s) who have gotten these requirements completed.

Type of reward Reward
Max Damage 250HonorPoint
Max Combo 200HonorPoint
Warcry Initiator 100HonorPoint
Finisher (Royal General) 100HonorPoint
Finisher (Captain of the Guards) 150HonorPoint
Finisher (Supreme Commander) 200HonorPoint
Finisher (Bahamut or Maelstrom) 300HonorPoint

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