Fire Monsters Extravaganza
AT 966,440,183
DF 724,830,137
Upkeep: 0G
Price: Can't purchase
Leader Effect:
Energy Charging Time Decrease: 60 Seconds

Additional info
How to get this monster: Combine two Infinite Monsters, summon via Monster Cores, other game modes and the Shop.
Monster's skill: Bittersweet Greed
Skill effect in Arena: Over a set probability, strike the enemy with a powerful attack.
Skill effect in Turf War: Attacks all enemies with a Fire attack based on your own ATT.
Passive skill: Mantle of Fire: AT increases, Health increases.
Skill description: This tale doesn't have a happy ending. After getting dumped by Miss Wolfe, the three pigs' hearts broke into bitter little pieces. Armed with powerful magic, they go around blowing down people's houses for money.

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