How to heal yourself

Healing yourself is important when facing Epic Bosses or fighting other players, as you lose health from them. Healing yourself allows you to take a serious beating from either source and allows you to get back into the fight or resume attacking another player.

To access the healing interface from the home page, click on "Options" then "Heal". Alternatively, simply clicking on the health on the top left will take you straight to the interface.

As the player's level increases, the cost of healing will also increase. A level 4 player will not need to pay as much compared to a level 420 player. The healing charges do not change based on your percentage of hitpoints; you are charged the same amount.

Presume the health rate for a level 42 is 5000 gold per heal. An example would be the level 42 player with 400/4000 health (10% of max health) would be charged with 5000 gold. If the same player had 3999/4000 health, they would still be charged the same amount.

The only other way to heal yourself without paying the gold fee is with Charge Health, but since it is easy to obtain gold in-game from missions, summoned bosses and attacking others, it would be better off healing yourself with a gold payment as Charge Health costs 10 jewel which could have been used for other items, such as boss attacks.


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