Earth Monsters Hekate
AT 1,373,176,622
DF 2,901,077,370
Upkeep: 0G
Price: Can't purchase
Leader Effect:
Income per time increase: 50%

Additional info
How to get this monster: Combine two Eternal Monsters or summon via Monster Cores.
Monster's skill: Morphine Shot
Skill effect in Arena: Over a set probability, heal the Ally Tanker's Health and attack the Enemy Tanker.
Skill effect in Turf War: Recovers 1 ally's health by 100% of you own DEF.
Passive skill: Mantle of Strength: AT increases slightly, Health increases greatly.
Skill description: Hekate's gun is a medicated marvel. It shoots nearby allies with special bullets tat deliver shots of morphine. And the butt of her gun is just the thing to revive any allies who have collapsed on the battlefield.

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