M Coin Item List are items and actions that are purchasable in the game. The only way to purchase Shop Items is by using M CoinsMCoin.

M Coin Item List

# Name Price Description
1 (MCoins) Universal Core Generator 550MCoin By buying this item, you will obtain a Universal Core Generator. This item converts your monster cores into universal cores which can be used to substitute any monster cores you need. The higher the core tier the better the ratio is for core convertion.
2 (MCoins) Daily Monster Egg 300MCoin You can only buy one per 24 hours. You will get a monster from 4 possible tiers (including their plus variants) . These tiers change according to your current level. Chances are: 70% chance to get a monster from the first tier, 25% for the second tier, 4% for the third tier and 1% for the forth tier. The higher the tier, the better the monster.
3 (MCoins) Fortune Monster Egg 500MCoin You will get a random monster from these tiers(including their plus variants): Ancient, Chaos, Ultimate, God, S God, SS God, Ultra God, Supreme, Elder, Outer, Infinite. Very low chances of getting a high tier monster.
4 (MCoins) Charge 50 Energy 100MCoin Charges 50 energy. Charges 100% of your energy, if you have less than 50.
5 (MCoins) Charge 50 Stamina 100MCoin Charges 50 stamina. Charges 100% of your stamina, if you have less than 50.
6 (MCoins) Charge 100% Health 100MCoin Completely restores your health. You can use healing instead.

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