Daily Missions

These daily missions are given out each day and last for 24 hours. The missions given are random and can be completed. When you complete the mission you'll get rewards. Such rewards include Jewels, Mysterious Monster Eggs, and Charge Stamina/Energy. When you complete all the daily missions in the allotted time, a sixth reward containing Jewel10, VIP points and Monster Cores can be collected. Whenever a daily mission is complete you will be notified with a # tasks complete on the "Missions" icon.

Egg rewards are automatically set into your shop, similar to claiming them from the login calendar.

The daily missions are given out at the same time each day. The missions are given 19:00 UTC so even if a player logs in 10 minutes before the game gives new missions, they have 10 minutes to complete those tasks if they choose to do so, as the server gives it to all players at the same time.

List of daily missions:

Mission Reward
Collect Jewels Jewel x 5
Participate in 3 Turf Wars Mysterious Monster Egg x 1
Complete 10 Quests Mysterious Monster Egg x 1
Attempt 10 battles Jewel x 5
Attempt to Combine 5x Jewel x 5
Participate in the Arena 5x Energy recharge x 3
Attempt to Capture Monsters 5x Mysterious Monster Egg x 1
Enter Tower of Masters 2x Stamina Recharge x 2

Note: To collect jewels see here for details.

Consecutive Missions

Consecutive missions are different from achievements. Instead of giving stat points and experience as rewards, they give out gold, jewels and monster eggs instead. These missions do not have any time limit so you can take as long as you want to complete these. When you complete them you'll be notified similar to completing a daily mission.

Like achievements, these consecutive missions have multiple levels, requiring more of what the task requires in order to fulfill the requirements. The rewards are still the same from each consecutive mission (e.g the "Win # Arena Battle(s) gives jewels), but you will get more of the respective reward as you reach the higher levels.

List of consecutive missions:

  • Win # battles
  • Perform # quests
  • Complete # missions
  • Win # Arena Battle(s)
  • Participate in # Team Battles
  • Participate in # World Bosses
  • Successfully Capture # Monsters
  • Successfully Combine # Monsters
  • Very successfully combine # Monsters
  • Participate in # Dungeons
  • Summon a Boss #
  • Reach Tower of Masters Floor #

Note: The Participate in # World Bosses must be the "ALL" boss; level specific bosses do not count towards this mission.
Note: The Reach Tower of Masters Floor # is all the floors combined that you have completed.

Consecutive Mission rewards

These are the rewards you get from the consecutive missions:

Mission Reward
Win battles Various amount of gold
Perform quests Various amounts of Jewel
Complete Missions Various amounts of Fortune Monster Eggs
Win Arena Battles Various amounts of Jewel
Participate in Team Battles Various amounts of Mysterious Monster Eggs
Participate in World Bosses Various amounts of Monster Eggs
Successfully capture monsters Various amounts of Gold
Successfully combine monsters Various amounts of Jewel
Very Successfully combine monsters Various amounts of Jewel and Legend Monster Eggs
Participate in a dungeon Various amounts of Gold
Summon a Boss Various amounts of Mysterious Monster Eggs
Reach Tower of Masters Floor # Various amounts of Mysterious Monster Eggs

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