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Players may combine two monsters of the same monster level to acquire a higher level of monsters.

When combining, players must pay a specific amount of gold  depending on the level of the monsters they are combining. The normal success rate for combining monsters is 40%; however, players may spend Jewels (Jewel) to increase the odds of success to 100%.

The resulting monster of a successful combination is determined by the elements of the two monsters chosen as the base. A failure will result in a monster of the same level as the base monsters but of a random element.

Using the grid below will help players determine the monster they will get on a successful combination given the base elements.

Successful Monster Combination ResultsEdit

Element1 Fire Water Air Earth Dark Holy
Fire Fire Dark Water




Water Dark Water Holy Water Fire Air


Water Holy Air Air Earth Fire
Earth Fire Water Air Earth Dark Holy
Dark Holy Fire Earth Dark Dark Water
Holy Earth Air Fire Holy Water Holy

Note: The order of Elements does NOT matter.

Standard Monster Combination Costs & Success Rates by Base LevelEdit

Success rate is always 40%, but Gamevil discounts them from time to time. Discounts usually come with events.

Monster level Combination cost
Uncommon 10,000G
Rare 50,000G
Epic 400,000G
Legend 2,000,000G
Ancient 10,000,000G
Chaos 20,000,000G
Ultimate 40,000,000G
God 100,000,000G
S God


SS God 500,000,000G
Ultra God


Supreme 2,000,000,000G
Elder 4,000,000,000G


Infinite 16,000,000,000G
Mystic -

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