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Players may combine two monsters of the same monster level to acquire a higher level of monsters.

Successful Monster Combination Results

The resulting monster of a successful combination is determined by the elements of the two monsters chosen as the base. A failure will result in a monster of the same level as the base monsters but of a random element. Also, if you were to combine two monsters that are from the same update, you will get a monster from that same update should you succeed or fail (for example: if I combined a Chapter 2-6.1 monster like Maria and Miss Bombastic together, I would get a Chapter 2-6.1 monster back, if failed then from the same tier, if successful then from the next tier), if you combine monsters from two separate update chapters then your acquiring monsters will be random.

Using the grid below will help players determine the monster they will get on a successful combination given the base elements. The order of elements, while combining, does NOT matter.

Successful combine results table Element of the second monster
Element of the first monster Fire Water Air Earth Dark Holy
Fire Fire Dark Water Fire Holy Earth
Water Dark Water Holy Water Fire Air
Air Water Holy Air Air Earth Fire
Earth Fire Water Air Earth Dark Holy
Dark Holy Fire Earth Dark Dark Water
Holy Earth Air Fire Holy Water Holy

In-Game Combination Help

As part of the Chapter 2-7 Update, Gamevil has added a brand new combination help into the game. You can find it in the combination page. Simply tap the ? yellow buton next to the combine button and the in-game chart will pop up with all the possible combinations:

Combine Chart

This chart, like the grid above, gives you a detailed overview of what to expect when combining monsters.

Like the chart, you can even find an even more detailed information once you choose two monsters to combine. The big yellow '?' button in between them shows you what monsters you can acquire when combining these two particular monsters.

Combine Screen

The big '?' shows what monsters you can acquire.

Probable Monsters

After pressing it, this screen pops up, showing a list of all the probable monsters you will get from combining these two monsters.

Standard Monster Combination Costs & Success Rates by Base Level

When combining, players must pay a specific amount of gold  depending on the level of the monsters they are combining. The normal success rate for combining monsters differs depending on the level of monster.

Regular Success Rate for Ultimate and lower: 50%
Regular Success Rate for God, S God, SS God, Ultra God: 45%
Regular Success Rate for Supreme and higher: 40%

Special combination success rate is always 100%. Gamevil discounts prices and increases rates from time to time. They usually come with events.

Monster level Combination cost Special combination cost
Uncommon 100G Jewel5
Rare 200G Jewel5
Epic 300G Jewel5
Legend 500G Jewel5
Ancient 1,000G Jewel5
Chaos 2,000G Jewel10
Ultimate 10,000G Jewel10
God 100,000G Jewel30
S God 1,000,000G Jewel50
SS God 10,000,000G Jewel100
Ultra God 100,000,000G Jewel300
Supreme 1,000,000,000G Jewel500
Elder 4,000,000,000G Jewel700
Outer 8,000,000,000G Jewel900
Infinite 16,000,000,000G Jewel1100
Mystic 32,000,000,000G Jewel1300
Eternal 50,000,000,000G Jewel1500
Divine 100,000,000,000G Jewel1500

Very Successful Combination

There is a small chance to go up 2 tiers when combining. The use of jewels increases this chance. The chance is still very small.

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