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The Plus Monsters are the powered up versions of the original monster types in the game. They are NOT a new kind of monster level; however, they are different than normal monsters of each level.

Currently, there are only Plus Monsters on monster levels starting from Ancient Monsters to Eternal Monsters.

The increase between normal and plus monsters is not the same for all monster levels.

Normal vs Plus versions differences in stats:
Ancient+ Monsters to Elder+ Monsters have 20% increase in stats.
Outer+ Monsters and Infinite+ Monsters have 70% increase in stats.
Mystic+ Monsters and Eternal+ Monsters have 50% increase in stats.

The Plus Monsters:Edit

Ancient Plus Monsters
NAME Arch Demon Uberkraken Pegasus (Ancient+) Bastet Blood Wizard Pharaoh
PICTURE ArchDemonThumb UberkrakenThumb PegasusAncient+Thumb BastetThumb BloodWizardThumb PharaohThumb
Chaos Plus Monsters
NAME Black Salamander Frozen Undine Cyclops Inugami Vampire Queen Arch Sphinx
PICTURE BlackSalamanderThumb FrozenUndineThumb CyclopsThumb InugamiThumb VampireQueenThumb ArchSphinxThumb
Ultimate Plus Monsters
NAME Nova Ice Dragon Spica Bellatrix Morpheus Gold Dragon
PICTURE NovaThumb IceDragonThumb SpicaThumb BellatrixThumb MorpheusThumb GoldDragonThumb
God Plus Monsters
NAME Black Ifrit Heimdall Lachesis Black Dragon Hell Hydra Apollon
PICTURE BlackIfritThumb HeimdallThumb LachesisThumb BlackDragonThumb HellHydraThumb ApollonThumb
S God Plus Monsters
NAME Visnu Penelope Gilgamesh Siegfried Liche Dragon Metatron
PICTURE VisnuThumb PenelopeThumb GilgameshThumb SiegfriedThumb LicheDragonThumb MetatronThumb
SS God Plus Monsters
NAME Altair Deneb Sykes Arch Grim Reaper Beelzebub Hera
PICTURE AltairThumb DenebThumb SykesThumb ArchGrimReaperThumb BeelzebubThumb HeraThumb
Ultra God Plus Monsters
NAME Black Novanus Hell Tetis Lancelot Atlas Lucifer White Dragon
PICTURE BlackNovanusThumb HellTetisThumb LancelotThumb AtlasThump LuciferThumb WhiteDragonThumb
Supreme Plus Monsters
NAME Uber Volcanus Nuwa Storm Aeolus Uber Cronus Lilith Arch Gabriel
PICTURE UberVolcanusThumb NuwaThumb StormAeolusThumb UberCronusThumb LilithThumb ArchGabrielThumb
Elder Plus Monsters
NAME Red Lotus Rose Flower Freyja Arch Loki Uber Baal Vega
PICTURE RedLotusThumb RoseFlowerThumb FreyjaThumb ArchLokiThumb UberBaalThumb VegaThumb
Outer Plus Monsters
NAME Sekhmet Izanagi Chi You Attila Uber Mephisto Helsing
PICTURE SekhmetThumb IzanagiThumb ChiYouThumb AttilaThumb UberMephistoThumb HelsingThumb
Infinite Plus Monsters
NAME Izanami Demeter Arch Odin Arthur Belphegor Tiamat
PICTURE IzanamiThumb DemeterThumb ArchOdinThumb ArthurThumb BelphegorThumb TiamatThumb
NAME Niflheim Tommy Semi The Hollow Onyx Barolo Vesper
PICTURE NiflheimThumb TommyThumb Semi The HollowThumb OnyxThumb BaroloThumb VesperThumb
Mystic Plus Monsters
NAME Fury Black Tortoise Freyr S-Siegfried Leonard Ra
PICTURE FuryThumb Black TortoiseThumb FreyrThumb S-SiegfriedThumb LeonardThumb RaThumb
NAME Tin Hatred Lady Guan Mega Rush Stefani Stauffenberg
PICTURE TinThumb HatredThumb Lady GuanThumb Mega RushThumb StefaniThumb StauffenbergThumb
Eternal Plus Monsters
NAME Vermillion Bird Arch Shiva Metallic Dragon Geb Belzebuth Raziel
PICTURE Vermillion BirdThumb Arch ShivaThumb Metallic DragonThumb GebThumb BelzebuthThumb RazielThumb
NAME Muspelheim Nicole Tornado (Eternal+) Yggdrasil Gwen Sally
PICTURE MuspelheimThumb NicoleThumb TornadoEternal+Thumb YggdrasilThumb GwenThumb SallyThumb

How To Acquire Plus MonstersEdit

Currently, the only proven ways to acquire Plus Monsters are:

  • Buying any Monster Egg
  • Combining monsters
    • Special combining Plus monsters is the only guarantee, but any attempt has a small chance to result in a Plus monster.

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