The Quest Boss spawns after a certain amount of Quests are completed in each area. The difficulty of the quest will affect the rate at which the boss spawns; for example, a quest requiring 1 energy will fill up the bar slowly while a quest with 6 energy will fill it up more faster. Once the bar is filled, the boss will be summoned and acts as the player's own boss.

The Quest Boss has a time limit of 6 hours before they disappear. Instead of Stamina, Energy is required to attack the Quest Boss. In addition, you will gain experience at a ratio of 1:1; using the 10x attack gives the player 10 experience. There is also a 50x attack which will cost the player 10 Jewel. Unlike any other boss, Quest Bosses can only be harmed by specific tiers and follows the same format as Epic Bosses and Team Battles, where the strongest card of that type and grade is used to battle.

After the Quest Boss is killed, rewards are given to the player based on how long it took for them to kill the Quest Boss. The longer it takes, the less valuable the rewards become. They can be opened from the Gifts tab at the home page.

Every time you summon a boss, their level will increase by 1. The higher the boss level, the better the rewards! The boss can only reach a max level of 5! After defeating the boss for the 5th time, every boss you encounter in that quest area will be at a random level. Every time you defeat a level 5 boss, you will receive that monster as your reward!

Rewards include Runes, M coins MCoin, honor points HonorPoint, monsters(only lvl 5 bosses) and jewels Jewel.

List of Quest Bosses

Quest Area Quest Boss Highest tier, you can use
Grassland Morpheus God
Eastern Seaside Heimdall God
Western Rockface Siegfried S God
Southern Wetlands Holy Dragon SS God
Twilight Valley Arch Grim Reaper Ultra God
Flame Valley Khronos Supreme
Stormy Hill Lucifer Elder
Underground Cave Fenrir Outer
Ice Valley Arch Gabriel Infinite
Ancient Relic Hermes Mystic
Soul cave Freyja
Infinite Dungeon Hades Eternal
Underwater Cave Chi You Eternal
Northern Ice Wall Mach
Dimensional Border Barolo
The Abyss Arch Polaris
The Core Ark Hermes
Sky Realm Rhino Dunga Immortal

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