Runes are items, that are used to improve monsters stats. The affected stats differ per type of rune used.

Various runes can be found while questing, specific floors at the Tower of Masters, the Lucky Roulette, and Turf War rewards. The Shop has all the runes in-game, costing 20 Jewel each.

In addition, the Guild Dungeon offers the six stat boosting runes. They can only be obtained after the game determines the guild ranks for the Ancient Rune Library turf. The lowest rune available is the Reversal Rune at D Rank and the highest Attack at SS Rank.


The requirements, needed for the awakening, differ per tier of the monster. Only God monsters and anything else above them can be awakened. Note that normal monsters only have two slots for awakening while plus monsters have three. When awakening one monster, all other monsters of the same name will have the awakened stats; if you awakened a Barolo with a 50% ATK increase, all other Barolos you acquire will also have the same ATK increase.

In the event you lose the awakened monster (e.g combining or selling), when you reacquire the monster it will return with the same stats you had awakened on it, so there is no worry to reawaken again when you obtain them again.

The Gold needed to awaken each tier of monsters is shown below in the table, however, the fee can be reduced with VIP. The Tycoon class also reduces Awakening costs by 50%. This cost also decreases during Special Awakening events.

The table below shows the gold and rune costs for each tier, barring Lock runes. Lock runes do not follow the same mechanics and protect the awakened stat when the player decides to reset the monster's stats to the original amount once.

There is a different type of awakening, Special Awakening. More details can be seen here.

Awakening requirements

Monster Level Gold needed per slot Runes needed per slot
God 2,000,000 1
S God 20,000,000 2
SS God 40,000,000 3
Ultra God 100,000,000 4
Supreme 200,000,000 5
Elder 400,000,000 6
Outer 800,000,000 7
Infinite 1,600,000,000 8
Mystic 3,200,000,000 9
Eternal 6,400,000,000 10
Divine 12,800,000,000 11
Immortal 15,000,000,000 12

Runes, that exist within the game

Name Icon Description
Attack Rune (%) Attack Rune Increases ATT by percentage
Defense Rune (%) Defense Rune Increases DEF by percentage
Attack/Defense Rune (%) ATK DEF Rune Increases ATT/DEF by a random percentage
Attack Reversal Rune (%) Attack Reversal Rune Increases ATT based on a percentage of DEF
Defense Reversal Rune (%) Defense Reversal Rune Increases DEF based on a percentage of ATT
Reversal Rune (%) Reversal Rune Increases ATT(DEF) based on a percentage of DEF(ATT)
Lock Rune Lock Rune Protect your awakened stats from resetting

How to awaken your monsters

Lock runes are only needed when you want to remove runes from awakened monsters, but you want to keep(lock) some of them.

Reversal Runes and Attack/Defense Runes are the worst runes, because the result of using them is random. Use these runes only on weak monsters.

Here is a simple guide for the remaining 4 Runes:

Awakening Guide

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