Special Awakening, also known as combining Runes is very simple. It works very similar to how regular combining works. Although instead of Gold, you pay with a small amount of Jewel.

To special awaken a rune slot, you must first awaken your monster.

Once you awaken a monster a Special Awaken option will appear.

The Special Awaken system will randomly increase the current base % of the equipped rune up to 50%.

Special Awakening will cost runes and jewels. 

The amount of runes and jewels needed depends on the base % of the equipped rune. The higher the base %, the more runes and jewels are needed.


And there you have it, you have successfully Special Awakened the rune.

You can do this again until you reach 50% provided you have the amount of runes and jewels needed.

Below is a helpful video that explains what Special Awakening is and how to use it.

Rune combo-003:17

Rune combo-0

Special Awakening

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