If you summon a boss, participation messages will automatically be sent to your Alliances. It can be killed by you or your allies.

When the boss is defeated, bounty and summoning rewards are given out respectively to participants and the summoner. After being defeated, players must wait 14 days to be able to fight the boss again. Alternatively, they can pay 20 Jewel to reset the cooldown on all available bosses they have. One boss can be summoned at a time, and once it is defeated players should eliminate it from their normal boss roster to open up space for more boss fights. Once a boss is summoned, there is a 24 hour time limit before it disappears; if this happens no bounty will be gained by the participants.

Summoned bosses are unlocked at intervals of 10 levels. Three bosses are available to summon at any given time, although they must be fought one-by-one before you can summon another. When you get to the next available boss to summon, the most weakest one you can summon will be removed from your roster. For example, a level 389 player will have access to Loki, Baal and Holy Dragon. When they level up to 390, Destroyer will be available while Loki is permanently taken out from the player's summoning roster.

Before the boss is summoned, the summoner can choose the damage cap onto the boss' health. This only affects any friends that participate in the battle, and ranges from 10-90%. If a 10% damage cap was put on Holy Dragon, which has 38,400,000,000 health before it is killed, even if the player deals much more damage normally, they will only deal 10%, or 3,840,000,000 damage to it. The damage cap is used for players who have many friends who need gold or to prevent others from taking the boss before you or allies who need gold get to it. The damage cap can always be removed by the summoner whenever they want to.

During summon boss events, the bounty from a summoned boss is doubled. This usually occurs just before a combination event takes place.

  • Boss summoned

Here you can see the details of each boss.

Name of the Boss Level needed to summon the boss Total reward for killing the boss Summoning bonus Damage to kill
Devil Eye 10 6,000G 2,000G 5,405
Titan 20 171,000G 17,100G 210,073
Salamander 30 1,512,000G 75,600G 1,800,000
Udine 40 6,630,000G 221,000G 7,700,348
Ballock 50 20,160,000G 504,000G 24,000,000
Devil Worm 60 48,825,000G 976,500G 61,803,797
Vampire 70 101,136,000G 1,685,600G 150,053,412
Sphinx 80 186,732,000G 2,667,600G 329,915,194
Phoenix 90 315,360,000G 3,942,000G 669,554,140
Blue Dragon 100 495,495,000G 5,505,500G 1,300,511,811
Wind Dragon 110 732,600,000G 7,326,000G 1,599,563,318
King Kong 120 1,141,140,000G 10,374,000G 2,101,546,961
Diablo 130 1,714,440,000G 14,287,000G 2,721,333,333
Green Dragon 140 2,497,950,000G 19,215,000G 3,398,571,428
Red Dragon 150 3,544,800,000G 25,320,000G 4,301,941,747
Shiva 160 4,916,400,000G 32,776,000G 5,202,539,682
Asura 170 6,683,040,000G 41,769,000G 6,304,754,716
War Dragon 180 8,924,490,000G 52,497,000G 7,595,310,638
Hydra 190 11,730,600,000G 65,170,000G 9,002,762,854
Archangel 200 15,201,900,000G 80,010,000G 10,991,973,969
Ifrit 210 15,926,000,000G 79,630,000G 11,515,545,914
Poseidon 220 16,760,000,000G 100,560,000G 12,118,582,791
Thor 230 17,600,000,000G 105,600,000G 12,725,958,062
Druid King 240 18,500,000,000G 111,000,000G 13,357,400,722
Bone Dragon 250 19,400,000,000G 116,400,000G 14,027,476,500
Zeus 260 20,400,000,000G 122,400,000G 14,782,608,695
Hell Phoenix 270 21,400,000,000G 128,400,000G 15,478,104,649
Storm Road 280 22,500,000,000G 135,000,000G 16,252,009,882
Dark Thunder 290 23,600,000,000G 141,600,000 17,064,352,856
Giant King Kong 300 24,800,000,000G 148,800,000 17,919,075,144
Mephisto 310 27,280,000,000G 160,000,000 19,710,982,658
Gabriel 320 30,010,000,000G 180,000,000 21,683,526,011
Novanus 330 33,010,000,000G 200,000,000 23,850,000,000
Tethys 340 36,310,000,000G 220,000,000 26,240,000,000
Odin 350 39,940,000,000G 240,000,000 28,860,000,000
Loki 360 43,930,000,000G 260,000,000 31,740,000,000
Baal 370 48,320,000,000G 290,000,000 34,910,000,000
Holy Dragon 380 53,150,000,000G 320,000,000 38,400,000,000
Destroyer 390 59,000,000,000G 350,000,000
Lady Lunacy 400 63,000,000,000G 380,000,000
Tera 410 70,000,000,000G 420,000,000
Ross 420 88,000,000,000G 480,000,000
Blackout 430 100,000,000,000G 550,000,000
Astaroth 440 110,000,000,000G 600,000,000
Ark Hermes 450 120,000,000,000G 700,000,000 360,000,000,000
Golimar 460 130,000,000,000G 850,000,000 480,000,000,000

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