• You might have noticed, that this wikia is not being updated fast enough. A lot of information is still missing. This has to change.

    A very small amount of visitors actually adds any information to this wikia and we only have 3 admins right now. That's why we are currently looking for people, willing to help our wikia. We can not accept anyone, however. We need trustworthy, active and friendly people.

    What do we require:

    • You need to be active. You have to be able to check wikia few times a week, especially when an update for the game is released.
    • You need to know how to edit on a wikia.
    • You need to have an account on a wikia. Any prior experience with adminship is a plus.
    • Good knowledge of English language.
    • At least 100 edits on this wikia.
    • Administrator powers should be used to help keep the wiki clear of vandalism, spam, and users who make malicious edits, but not for simple disagreements between users acting in good faith or to show that you're better because you're an admin.

    For those who have fulfilled the requirements, please post in this thread. In your post, enter who you are and why do you want to be an admin.

    No time limit set for this recruitment. It will end, when we have enough admins.

    Thank you for your interest and good luck!

    Note: Before you submit an application please actually make a contribution to the wikia - everyone wants to be admin but most don't put the effort in.

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    • Hello,

      first off, why do I want to be an admin on this wiki? 

      Well I was browsing to find some answers regarding Monster Eggs and I came across this site and asked myself "why not?".

      It seems like an interesting thing to me, providing new content for Monster Warlord players. It also comes with alot of responsibility, being able to help the community and things such as answering their questions.

      I am also a fellow Warlord player and I'd gladly dedicate my time to helping building this wiki up.

      I may not be the best programmer, but I think it won't be as big of a task as it first seems (thank god for giving us the Internet :P)

      something about me:

      I haven't had any prior admin experience (except for onlinegames such as Rust), but I don't really think it's necessary to get the hang of it.

      I do know certain basics of html and I am eager to fill the gaps of my knowledge.

      Activity won't be a problem.

      And lastly, it doesn't matter to me if I was to become an "Updater" or a "Forum-manager"

      If you are interested or if you have any questions please contact me.

      I wish you all a wonderful day, Peace!

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    • Good day,

      The reason I want to be admin is to help others understand the game better. There are instances where forums may not hold the answers you are looking for so you turn to another information site. Another reason is my passion for the game, I want to be able to inform other players, new comers and veterans alike, about new things happening in Monster Warlord.

      I have an intermediate grasp of HTML and editing Wikia although I have not been an admin previously. I'm an avid player of Monster Warlord.

      Currently, I have a full time job but that will not interefere with maintining this site.

      I regularly check this Wiki for information on the game.

      If you any questions, feel free to contact me.

      Thank you and have a nice day.

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    • Sup,

      I've been updating the WIki recently and want to help out. My ambition is programming, so helping out on the site would also give me experience.

      I play the game very frequently as I lead a guild, so I have a good understanding of it.


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    • Hello,

      I'm a programmer and also in html and css... i know the basic of the program and i am able to 

      the job required as an admin over here at monster warlord wiki.

      And more i play monster warlord for quite long since it release years back and i really hope to 

      be an admin here and update news and guide for our fellow warlord fighters! 

      Contact me at or you can reply to my post here

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    • Hello,

      I am in technical secondary school, and my leading subject is ICT. I was an moderator on polish forums, also active on facebook, everyday I am checking my e-mail. In the future, I want to be a webdesigner.

      My hobby is also webdesigning. I apply for this job to get experience, and to make this wiki a page which is clear and nice .I know html's basic, english on communicative level and already learning php language. 

      Contact me at or 

      Yours Faithfully, 

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    • Hi there! ~

      This time, I would be an admin or a moderator (if both, it will be better, but the moderator can be for mine because I always reply and manage to the comments, forum and the chat) in this Wiki. Since I am here for a year, and I am playing Monster Warlord a year also. 

      Something about me: ~

      - I am very responsible of the comments. Since I was always checking to every page and to the comments, I reply it anyway. 

      - I am very active to the Monster Warlord (since I am leading a Guild in Global Server named StrongEnough), and to this Wiki by visiting it every week (or many times a week). 

      - I know all about the language of English.... More times understanding of English language. ~

      - I have no admin experience from any Wiki, but in my Wiki (Into Space Wikia), I am the Founder of it since it was created. EDIT: - I also know how to edit, and to know the html's basic. Anyway I am so afraid to publish it... :( But I can do it as well. ~ And I also know how to design it. ~


      Why I do became a admin or a moderator:

      - I always love Monster Warlord. I collect some of the informations here and I hope to share it here.

      - I am an expert of Monster Warlord and I want to share it with you.. :)

      - And also, I never complain of anything... Like my ideas were not useful, but I would do something with it.... -.-


      ớᴥớ ♥ Ḳɑωɑɪɪ × Łσṽε ♥ ωᴥω ♥ Σήʝөʏ ʏөʊґ Đɑʏ ♥ ờωờ
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    • Hi i am dagt30 

      ¿why do you want to be admin?

      well i have some experience in wikis (adventure time wiki) and i know this page over a year ago (you can see this on my profile , my first edit in this page was in 7 may 2014)

      and i play monster warlock everyday , and i and I would like to help in this wiki.

      ¿why now and not before?

      now I have the time required for this page 

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    • Sunny here

      Im pretty interested in this wiki as Ive been affilited with Monster Warlord for 2 years or so. I'm already hepling out with any updating to this wiki without being an admin as it is, but am leaving this message if you decide to be in need of admins.

      Errr experience, I'm studying programming and engineering so I'm not in the blind when it comes to this kind of stuff. Ive also programed a lot with python, don't know if you've heard of it before, but its used with a lot of games and websites of big companies.

      Why now? Because I'm finally able to make an account... :D  prior to this, I was just editing as I was looking up on this wiki as a visitor.

      Monster Warlord experience - I co-own a guild named Pendragn, and I also own three Global 1 accounts, one Korea account, and one Asia account. Pretty much play everyday when im not trying to explode my brain by studying.


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    • Hey, i am achilles. Thats my name on the game as well. i been admin on many other sites that use the CSS, and Html. so i am highly able to code for the wiki only thing i cant do is GFX, which i see it is just a plus. If you guys still need admins you can go a head and give me a try out run. i can be active every day or night. i can help out as much as i can. and update the wiki when ever it is need of me. any questions feel free to ask me them. Thank you and have a nice day. i also forgot i have been an admin on the sites, and also owned a few of my own sites. i am a Very good programer and coder. I want to be admin now because i would like to help the monster warlord brother and sisters out.

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    • Hi I Just Joined This Wiki Recently And Ive Been Playing Monster Warlord For Almost A Year Now.This Is The First Article Ive Came Across On This Wiki And Will Like To Help Out As Mush As I Can.I Also Come On Daily Im Not Special Like All The Replies Above Me But I Believe I Can Make A Great Impact To Help This Community If You Will Generous Enough To Give Me A Chance 

                                                                                                   ~Thanks ^_^ PheonixPlaysMC

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    • A FANDOM user
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