The Ultra God Tower in the Tower of Masters is the fourth Tower in the game mode. Each floor takes up 30 stamina and completing/failing a floor will also give 60 XP (which can be increased with VIP).

The Tower contains 20 Floors, all of which contain rewards. The information about each reward can be seen in the Shop Item List and Runes.

The Reward list for the Ultra God Tower go as follows:

Floor Reward
1 Binoculars x 5
2 Health Recharge x 3
3 Radar x 2
4 Energy Recharge x 3
5 Stamina Recharge x 3
6 DEF Rune x 5
7 Stamina Recharge x 5
8 Energy Recharge x 5
9 Defense Reversal Rune x 10
10 Fortune Monster Egg x 3
11 Energy Recharge x 7
12 Lock Rune x 20
13 Health Recharge x 10
14 Reversal Rune x 25
15 Stamina Recharge x 10
16 Mysterious Monster Egg x 2
17 ATK/DEF Rune x 30
18 Stamina Recharge x 15
19 Energy Recharge x 15
20 Jewel x 200

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