The World Chat is a page in Monster Warlord, where you can chat with the entire server you are playing on. 

Where to Find the World Chat

The World Chat can be accessed via the homepage. It's right above the bottom menu.

World Chat Home

Click on it to open the World Chat and to be able to write into it.

World Chat Screen

How to Change the Color of the Text

In order to use colored text in the game, you have to use a hex code. A hex code is a hexidecimal code that represents colors in HTML and other languages.

To write in color, you need to first write <#c: 

Once that is done, you need to choose the color of the text that you desire, different hexcodes can be found here. When you have found something to your liking, grab the code and place it in the code. For this example, I will use the green hexcode (00ff00).


Once your code is in and you closed it all with the angled bracket, you can type your text.

<#c:00ff00>Hello World! 

Hello World!

You can also use gradients. This means using two colors at once in text. Doing this is as easy as doing it with one. Instead, all you do is divide the first hex code with the second one with a colon (:). For the example below, I use green and white.


You may now write colorfully and with flair!

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